View Across New York Bay

Twenty years later, the view has changed, but the sky is still a bright blue.  And we remember…


5 Responses to “View Across New York Bay”

  1. Simone says:

    A beautiful shot of a skyline that has a very long memory. Thanks for continuing to capture this city and the way it shifts, grows, and changes over time.

  2. Anne says:

    A very long memory, indeed. I remember that day so well.

  3. Bruce says:

    What an awesome view of NY harbor, Ellen! I love the perspective and how the mass of Manhattan towers over the Jersey shoreline. Well done!

  4. Thom says:

    A wonderful panorama, from lady Liberty on the left, to 1 WTC on the right. And so BLUE! Gorgeous!

  5. ellen says:

    It was the most beautiful September morning…

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