Landing Pad


8 Responses to “Landing Pad”

  1. Bruce says:

    What a cool shot, Ellen! I love the color of the landing pad and the subtle shadow of the dragonfly. Well done!

  2. Jan says:

    Wonderful photo where the insect gives the illusion that the flower is humongous and also captures the shadow of the insect in a fraction of time short enough to achieve clarity while the wings are in motion. Well done!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    This is an amazing shot–so often we don’t take the time to appreciate the little miracles all around us.

  4. Bernice says:

    Great closeup of a drop of water and a dragonfly on a lily pad, which makes it seem like a precipice into the vast unknown.

  5. Simone says:

    WOW, this is so cool! Almost looked abstract, but then I looked closer. Love the simplicity of colors and shapes. An amazing capture.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Love the color of the lily pad with the simplicity of the dragon fly and drop of water. It make an interesting natural visual arrangement.

  7. Thom says:

    Great image! My grandmother used to wear a Lalique dragonfly brooch, but nothing nearly as beautiful as the real thing. Vivid colors!

  8. Bevy says:

    Pure magic!!

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