Memorial Day 2020

Today we remember not only our servicemen and women who died in service to their country, but all the doctors, nurses, hospital and nursing home staff who lost their lives on the front line of the pandemic. 

9 Responses to “Memorial Day 2020”

  1. Jan M says:

    I know your dad served and so did mine. Thank you.

  2. Bruce says:

    A beautiful photograph and a wonderful sentiment, Ellen. Well done.

  3. Arlene says:

    A flag says patriotism and respect

    with new spring flowers giving us hope

    Nice touch for today’s photo

  4. Simone says:

    Such a beautiful, hopeful photo. I love the movement of the flag and the steadiness of the irises. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Thom says:

    What a great shot – all it needs is Mom sitting on the porch with an apple pie. Very nice image.

  6. ellen says:

    Haha. Thom, can you believe this was taken in Brooklyn? Could be anywhere USA, right?

  7. Jan says:

    You so beautifully captured an Americana 2020 image and succinctly described the sentiment.

  8. Bernice says:

    Such a beautiful, colorful and hopeful image! A real American icon for Memorial Day.

  9. Anne says:

    Americana. Just great.

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