And The Winner Is…

Spent a fun day at the races and got this shot of the fillies driving to the finish line of the Hambletonian Oaks. 

7 Responses to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Emily says:

    Talk about a photo finish! Great action shot.

  2. Josh says:

    Great shot! I love running action shots, they can always look so awesome. Same thing with jumping action shots or anything that can make someone look like they are defying the laws of gravity.

  3. Simone says:

    It’s number 5, by a nose! Amazing how you’re so well-able to catch such a split-second in time.

  4. Charlie says:

    What I love about this shot is that it is a frozen moment in time yet it still shows all of the motion that is in progress when the photo was taken. The horses’ manes are waving with their speed, hooves in the air as they race to the finish line. Well done!

  5. Bernice says:

    Hope you picked the winner (as well as pixed her). A beautiful shot of beautiful fillies. The Meadowlands should use it in their advertising.

  6. Allie says:

    I love the momentum of this shot. You can really feel the tension and excitement of the race, and I love the silhouette of the horses’ heads against the blur of the billboard display. Wonderful as always!

  7. Dana says:

    What I think makes this photo so successful is the fact that you can’t see the drivers. You see the horses racing for the finish line as if they are alone. Also I love seeing their legs literally off the ground.

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